Wall of Salvation 4: Student Charter


I made quite a few changes to the student charter. They appear in red

I made these changes as I believe personally they are key assets to a properly functioning classroom. Students need to make the most of class time so a respected student charter is vital in a healthy class room.

Google Docs and File Sharing are fantastic ways to collaboratively work as a group or team. It is an easy way to explore and share a variety of different views and ideas.

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Bridge-less River 2: Apps Phenomenon


When we think of Apps, we automatically think

Apps are relatively new, and only on iPhones and Androids. Apps weren’t around 10 years ago!

How wrong we are! The thing is, Apps, or Applications, have been around for a lot longer than we all think. What’s really changed are the platforms, and market places of which they run in!

Formely, Apps were things we would buy from a store, in a box, that was usually expensive.
Using a floppy disk or CD, we would load and install these Apps to our computers.. this could take hours!

Today, Apps are things we can download from an online App Store amazingly fast, and can do anything from monitor our sleep patterns to be able to tell us the name of the song by simply holding the phone up to a speaker. There are millions of Apps today that can do pretty much anything!

App Pros App Cons
Millions of free Apps Take up space on device
Time saving Need constant updating
Apps will never ‘sell out’ Steal your personal data
Translates to several different languages Cause ‘eye strain’
Simplifies life Intrusive Ads
Thousands fit on one small phone Interfere with other apps
There is an app for just about everything Slow down phone

Apps I recommend:

  • Shazam: Ever heard a song and really wanted to know what its called? Simply activate Shazam when a song is playing and just by hearing the lyrics it will tell you exactly what song it is!
  • Commbank: You can transfer money, see account balances and even pay bills using an app!
  • The Age: A free download, The Age app gives you the majority of the days news for free!
  • Telstra Usage: Avoid going over your cap but plugging your phone plan details into this app and it will monitor your usage and let you know when you exceed both included call usage and data usage!
  • Instagram: Instagram has only now just been activated on the web to, but formerly was just an app only program where you can share photos with friends and add all sorts of cool and trendy effects to them!
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Enchanted Ground 3: Locative Media

building-9-3890 copy

It’s where she dropped her books. It’s where he helped her pick them up. It’s here that their eyes crossed. It’s here they fell in love.

Jenny was rushing from an arts lecture to a politics tute. She raced through the basketball court, headed for Building 9. The stairs were approaching. Just as she started to skip them, she tripped, her books went flying. How embarrassed she was.

Marc had just finished uni for the week, he was casually strolling down Building 9 from Level 3. He had just made it to the ground floor. How excited he was. He had nearly exited Building 9, until he spotted a girl running his way. He couldn’t make out what she looked like, just that was she was running late. She went for stairs, she had a great fall, and the books landed on Marc’s feet.

Three years later, Jenny and Marc are celebrating their anniversary. What a way to meet. What a story to tell.

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Piktochart of S&W

Piktochart of S&W

Unfortunately no matter how hard I tried, I could not download the photo, so, I was forced to take a screenshot and upload. Hence the poor quality

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Enchanted Ground 1: Digital Storytelling

The first video I watched was “The Sound of my Voice”. This was an incredibly intriguing yet weird story. Initially, through dark lighting; eery sound effects; suspense background music, the audience is led to believe the video is a horror. It is confusing and quite scary. I felt quite uncomfortable watching it to be honest. However once the main characters are welcomed into the ‘group’, the complete vibe of the video changes. There is a warm, welcoming, community like vibe and all of a sudden we feel more safe and comfortable. However this is again turned on its head when Maggie approaches from the next room, we wait in anticipation to see what she will bring to the narrative. All in all, her story is quite abstract, and along with what the whole video is, weird. 
Personally, the lighting, music, sound effects, camera shots and mise-en-scene are all super effective in telling this story.
However, it leaves the audience to not fully grasp the concept of the video, and if it is just a cult or club, why are the opening minutes so daunting to watch?
This video was effective in digital storytelling.


I then watched “Goldilocks”. This was a short clip about men who shoot people and capture a lady by the name of Locks. The video is effectively edited and makes the audience intrigued through the fast paced editing. I however was quite confused as to what was going on… why were these people being killed? Who was the man on the motorbike? Who is the girl jogging? As an audience, the director has effectively allowed us to quickly build a relationship with the girl who is running, as we spend a lot of ‘dead time’ with her. We are left pondering at the end: Does she get killed?
The strengths of this video was certainly the editing. It was so fast paced and action pack it managed to tell us so many things in such a short period of time. The footage in the back of the van was also quite good.
A weakness was it was quite repetitive and predictable, we could tell the man on the motorbike was going to continue shooting people. 
This was effective at telling a story in such a short time amount of time!


Finally, I watched a video called “As far as I could go” (http://digitalstorytelling.ci.qut.edu.au/index.php/story/as_far_as_i_could_go), this was a very short yet intriguing story. It was the lady by the name of Lois and her take on September 11. It was very personal, a true story that was told with passion and depth, through expressive language and projection. Lois didn’t need to mention once what was she talking about, the audience automatically know that it is September 11. As it progresses, it is interesting to hear how anti-American Lois is. This is strange, her being American herself. Once Lois moves to Australia, the vibe of the story changes, it is more upbeat and positive, and effectively closes on the line of the stories, she went as far as she could to get away from America and it’s suffering following September 11.
The strengths of this video are the fantastic and genuine voice overs. We feel as though we really know Lois and can trust her. The music is also supportive.
This is quite an amateur video, so better image use could be used. 
I really enjoyed this video and even though it is the shortest of the three videos I watched, I was able to completely understand and grasp the nature of the story and the in’s and out’s much better than the more abstract other two. 


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The eBook’s phenomenon was first brainstormed in the 1930’s when a man by the name of Bob Browne thought of the concept when watching his first movie with sound.
In the 1970s, an e-book implementation called the Dynabook was created, this was able to display books for reading, digitally.
In 1992, Sony launched the Data Discman, an electronic book reader that could read e-books via CDs.
In 2007, Amazon launched one of the most popular eBook readers today, the Kindle. 
In 2012, Apple released iBooks, an app that could be used on Macs, iPhones, iPod and iPads. 

eBooks are fantastic for being able to store so many books, on such a small product. With so many more competitors entering the market share, the products are becoming cheaper.
A consumer can store, broadcast and publish details using an eBook.
As several of the flipped lectures suggest, the world is so quickly transforming to a technologically advanced lifestyle, and eBooks are simply keeping up with this rapid trend, hence their importance.

eBook Pros eBook Cons
Millions of free eBooks available for download eReader machine very expensive
Space saving (a library can fit in one small eReader) Hardware malfunction
Book will never ‘go out of print’ More companies selling eBooks raises compatibility issues
Translates to several different languages Cause ‘eye strain’
Readable in various different lights A virus can wipe all data immediately
Text to speak software Piracy
Dictionary and Definition functions Unreliable life spans
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Advanced Blogging: Mercedes Benz


Using my RRS Feeds, I found some interesting information in regards to Mercedes-Benz‘s, a brand I have a keen interest in. Through the information I was delivered, I discovered the following:

Interesting Discoveries:

  • What you need to know about upcoming new models
  • What will be happening to the Popes ‘Popemobile’ now he has stood down
  • Lewis Hamilton has just completed 4 days of F1 testing in Spain
  • Results from Mercedes’ advertising campaign at the Superbowl

I also discovered some exciting new upcoming models, and when they will launch:

Model Anticipated Release Date
A45 AMG 2013
CLA 2013
Sprinter 2013
E63 2014
S-Class 2013
C63 AMG Edition 507 2014
SLS 2014
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